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  • Name: Greg
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My Bio

Christian, conservative on "traditional values" progressive (shudder) on environment and worker rights, and a little bit to shoot...what else needs to be said? email me @ [email protected]

My Occupation

Well..had to delete it all because everything has changed! Recovering from skydiving accident...sprain from Hades...back at it as soon as I can. Lucky that was all I got so thankful there. Happy to try skiing this year and hope to teach some good lessons at my resort. Working on a ski condo I bought for rental and taking some grad classes. Looking to buy more houses to rent out.

My Hobbies

Shooting and collecting milsurps, downhill skiing, bartending: guy stuff! Skydiving was going well with 32 solo jumps till I broke my ankle last next summer till I can jump again (sucks!) But I was very nearly killed "6 ways inside of 4 minutes" so I can't complain. Doc thinks I can ski so that is a big deal. Working on a ski condo I bought to rent out...very busy nearly everyday with that.

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